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Publications written by Andrew Roberts based on my collection of Helianthemum nummularium cultivars are generally reviewed once a year as and when changes are made to the collection. As I manage to source new cultivars into the collection from third part suppliers it is inevitable that plants are occasionally lost for a variety of possible reasons.

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Most publications below are available for download in PDF format, which are ideal for printing for reference at a later date. Permission must be requested and granted before any content is reproduced.

My Collection A-Z 2018 Leaflet

A leaflet containing a A-Z complete index of every cultivar held in my collection in 2018. For each cultivar a scanned picture of the flower is matched with a similar scanned image of the corresponding foliage. As far as possible, each cultivar has been correctly labelled in accordance with the RHS Plantfinder; however it is inevitable that some may be mislabelled.

This leaflet is most helpful as an identification chart if you are looking to identify named cultivars of Helianthemum nummularium in your own garden. Available in the form of a 2 page PDF document, designed to be printed double sided and folded into 4 as appropriate.

My Collection A-Z 2018 Leaflet 
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